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Maxim Gorky

Sunday, February 14, 2010

All things red and right and wrong..

We are in the first stages of the 2010 Olympics and I must say that I am caught up in the whole thing. I wasn't planning on having a love affair with Canada but, once again she, has caught me off guard with her reds and whites.
There has been controversy since day one and honestly, I was leaning to the side of the nay sayers. The cost, the hype, the overblown need to promote Vancouver again and AGAIN. The needs of many others who are overlooked.. The homeless. The poor. The eliminated social programs. Its all there. While the cost of the games continues to rise and we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to truck in snow to the mountains, I give my head a shake. And so I have strong agreements with the protesters but I have much bigger disagreements with their choice of voicing those opinions. I don't believe in violent acts to make a point and it seems as though it is those people who get the publicity and therefore provide negative imaging for the media to take hold of.
But I am turning my eyes to other images right now. I think the Olympics are for the atheletes and this, we should keep in perspective. These talented, hardworking people have little funding and train hard for years to get that one chance at representing a love for sport and country.
There is a bit of a long standing joke about Canada and how we always seem to get so close to the top but never quite reach it..."...and another bronze for Canada.." or...." bumped down to 4th position...". But we are die hard fans for our countrymen and women...Hey, just ask any Toronto Maple Leaf  fan! They haven't won the cup since 1964 and STILL have the seats filled at every single home game!
So, yes, I am in love with Canada be it on the slopes, on the ice or standing in the crowd with my umbrella, praying for snow...
Go Canada Go!!

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