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Maxim Gorky

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The boys are back in town...

Every summer, when the field starts to get about hip height in grass, we bring in a horse or two to stay for a few months. They get to eat all the nice fresh greens and we don't have to mow.
Enter....Blue and Kicker. 
They belong to my friend Kelly who I met years ago when she was looking for a place to board Blue.
He lived here for about a year until Kelly and her hubby Scot, finally were able to buy land.
Now they are expecting their first baby any day, so the timing was perfect. Kelly can relax with the new baby and know that her 'boys' are happy and filling their bellies.
Blue is probably the most mellow horse I know. 
He is bomb proof and loves everyone and everything including our goat Leif.
They have had an on going love affair since the first day they met.
Leif is quite broken up when its time for Blue to go home at the end of summer.
Blue is about 20 now and was a rescue horse. He used to be a racehorse and at the age of 5 he was headed for the slaughter house. The marks on his neck are his tattoo from his racing days.
These horses are not treated well. When they hurt their legs, the managers numb the pain and make them keep wonder at such a young age, they can't run fast anymore.
Here's Kicker (he's not a kicker, just came with that name) he's a young handsome boy who Kelly got to keep Blue company. She's worked hard with him and he's a good trail horse for her.
When they came up to our place this morning they had one thing on their minds...
and more munching!
Happy Days...


Tatersmama said...

Oooh... aren't they beautiful! I miss having horses around, but I plan on getting one when I get home next year. They're excellent lawnmowers - with benefits! lol!

Crafty Gardener said...

The boys can come and cut my grass anytime :)

farmlady said...

Horses are so beautiful. I wish I had a couple of them but I hear that they are very expensive to own..., and them I would have to learn to ride. I might be too old for riding.
Wonderful photos. Beautiful creatures.