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Maxim Gorky

Monday, September 6, 2010

Side trip...

On our way back from the fair, I took the long way home... usual.
I wanted to stop and take a picture of my dream greenhouse.
Funny enough it's at a winery!
Funnier enough it was open for tastings!
 So Regina says to me "Why don't we go in for a taste?"
"Why not" says I.
This small family run  little winery has been here for about 12 years but has only been bottling and selling wine for about 6 years.
All of their wines are made in limited quantities.
All of their grapes are grown within a few miles.
That may sound funny to Californians, but a lot of wine made in B.C gets it's grapes from elsewhere.
Or they combine grapes from here and elsewhere.
So past the sweet little house...
...and up to the tasting room...
They make a fantastic 'champagne'.
A stunning red and two crisp whites. One of which I bought, the Pino Gris.
But our favorite was the Wild blackberry Port...Of which we both bought a bottle.
So rich and fruity and, thank goodness, it goes with chocolate very well!
Oh yes...the main reason I stopped was to take this picture...
Right now it's a bit sparse but in the spring it is full of greenery and the outside is surrounded with snapdragons of every colour imaginable.
So if you are on the Island near Victoria, make a little side trip down Starling Lane.
Your palette will thank you!


Tatersmama said...

Oooooh! Lovely! What a beautiful little spot... and that greenhouse is absolutely calling my name.
And is there anything better than chocolate and wine? I think not!

farmlady said...

How beautiful! So this little winery just happen to be open with it's charming house and tasting room upstairs... and you bought some Wild Blackberry port(OMG!) and took pictures of this gorgeous greenhouse. NOT A BAD DAY. I may have to come and visit. Better yet just send the Port....with some Victoria chocolate.

Cobalt Violet said...

Love little wineries like that. It's been awhile but those little places with small tasting rooms being at someone's home ... that is the best. This one looks especially charming.