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Maxim Gorky

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My turn...

When I got back from my dog walk yesterday afternoon, the UPS guy showed up...
Aaahhhh...nothin like seeing the UPS guy standing there in all of his khaki with a parcel in his hands.
Some of you may have read about the  autumn swap I joined and I was thrilled to see that my surprise was here...all the way from Brooklyn, New York.
The other side of the continent from me!
My fellow swapper's name is Amber and she lives there with her husband and 2 cats.
I liked her already!
The elegant writing and that big brass key were signs of a creative soul.
As I opened the package, I felt like it was my birthday or something...
So many special things inside including these simply beautiful bars of soap.
Now maybe some of you may not think soap as something special, but these soaps are such a treat.
Rarely do I buy myself such luxurious bars of delightful smells!
Next up was 'a book that she loved'.
Amber sent me not one, but TWO books and they both look so intriguing, especially 'The Mysterious Benedict Society'. 
I can't wait to read them.
Her card told me that she lives in the neighborhood pictured here called Brooklyn Heights.
Looks so 'New York' with the bridge in the background and all.
....and the 'thing from nature' was these pressed leaves from her street.
Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a push-over for pressed leaves.
Her neighborhood must look lovely this time of year.
I miss all of those eastern fall colors of my childhood in Toronto.
Next up...'a postcard with a favorite quote or saying'...
Amber not only sent me the top two quotes on the postcard but a few more which I absolutely love...
Especially the one that is hard to see in the photo which says 
"Cinderella's trouble was that she sat waiting for some Fairy Godmother"
Amen to that!
I then filled in the blank she had left on one of the sticky notes...
I cut these quotes out and put them in various spots in my studio...
 So now this big key hangs with a few other skeleton keys I have and waits to unlock the mystery of the universe...
I think I might wait a while though...
I like a good mystery.
Cheers Amber.
Say hi to Brooklyn for me.


onesilentwinter said...

What a wonderful package, love everything so glad that you and amber have met through this swap!

thank you again, i feel so much apart of all these special exchanges! It all makes me so happy!

the wild magnolia said...

Wonderful gifts and thoughtful friend.

Christine said...

did you read the hunger games? it's one of my favorite young adult books :-) i added the other to my library list ~ lovely post

Jaime said...

I am part of this wonderful swap as well...still eagerly watching my mailbox for any signs.

You received some lovely treasures. Hunger Games is on my list of books to read.