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Maxim Gorky

Friday, April 22, 2011

Song for Friday...for an old friend...

The past 3 days, I was up on one of the Gulf Islands for a long overdo visit
to an old friends place.
It was a real spur of the moment kind of trip and a rare one at that because Tom was able 
to come along as well...
I have much to report on her beautiful house and garden as well as
a few added side trips along the way.
Anyway, my friend has a new favorite cd she's been playing...
Johnny Reid is a Scottish lad, living in Canada, married to a french girl and winning all kinds of awards
for his amazing voice and uplifting songs in the Country music genre.
Enjoy and have a great weekend all!
Happy Earth something good for the planet.

1 comment:

the wild magnolia said...

Tremendous! Thanks for sharing this awesome singer!

Happy Earth Day!