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"Happiness always looks small when you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and at once you learn how big and precious it is."
Maxim Gorky

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Mosaic...part 3

You could feel the excitement in the school before we even entered the gymnasium.
The mood was festive.
The lineups long.
The smell of cupcakes filled the air.
Today was Poirer's 10th birthday and we were part of the celebration.
The completion of the mosaic, ready for unveiling!
But first, let's find our seats...
Nope, not amongst the sea of smaller ones, but here!
Reserved seating!
Wow! How impressive!
Next it was time for the Principal to speak...
She talked of all the wonderful and crazy things that have happened since the dawn of the school.
From construction site to bear sightings.
From a sea of chaos to the beautiful atmosphere which thrives there today.
Playgrounds that were built and the award winning recycling and composting program around.
How even though the school didn't have much,
they gave to the community and to the children in less fortunate countries.
The kids got up and bravely spoke of why they love their school...
Then the grade 5 class, who worked with us on the mosaic, got up to tell their story...
Then the moment they'd all worked so hard for...
The unveiling of the mosaic!!
The crowd cheered and "oooohhhs" and "aaaahhhhs"were heard throughout the school.
Flowers and cards were handed out to thank us for helping...
...and monstrous amounts of cupcakes of all kinds of flavours were eaten with joy!
But the pleasure was all Norene's and mine.
The class was the greatest bunch of kids.
So enthusiastic, and interested and helpful AND so creative!
Merci  Mrs Campbell and all your kids of the grade 5 French class!

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Cobalt Violet said...

The mosaic looks AMAZING!! How exciting for the kids and for you! I love that the kids got up to talk about why they love their school. So sweet. That kind of stuff always makes me cry!

Oh, I need to look up that song you quoted. BEAUTIFUL lyrics. Might need to quote that at some point.