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"Happiness always looks small when you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and at once you learn how big and precious it is."
Maxim Gorky

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Catch up...

Here's a bit of catching up from the past week...
Tom took me into the city for a birthday lunch last week.
Before we hit the restaurant we took advantage of the gorgeous
weather (specially ordered for my day of course!) and 
went for a walk along Dallas road.
We meandered along the cliff tops and visited the model boat pond.
A little quiet right now but in the warmer months there's
much activity with grown men and tiny motorized boats
of all kinds. 
There's even tiny moorings and minuscule lighthouses...
These being taken over by seagulls for now...
We also took a stroll to sit with thoughts of Tracy.
Some of her ashes were cast on the wind of this lovely lookout...

This windswept walk was a favorite of hers from the day we moved to the coast.
 We spent many hours roaming these beaches through
the years, showing it off to out -of -towners, walking the dogs and 
even going to the occasional beach party as teenagers.
Of course she loved to see all the crows and their nests there as well.
Anyway, then it was off to Spinnakers for what I thought would be
'a quiet lunch for two'.
But honestly, although Tom tried to cover up the surprise, I kind of had
a feeling something was up. The slip up? (pay attention all ye men folk)
The day before my birthday he made up the spare room AND
cleaned the bathroom downstairs!
Now, I must tell you that Tom does his fair share of chores
but this is not on the regular roster and definitely
made me a bit suspicious!
Needless to say it was the best birthday surprise ever!
To top it off, my folks showed up as well.
(by the way, yes I'm holding 2 beer but one is Tom's...honestly!)
So we had a fantastic lunch with yummy Murchies birthday cake...
The rest of the 4 days with Aja and Paul were spent at our place,
walking the river, going for yummy dinners, cooking even yummier dinners,
playing games, watching movies, going to yoga and just enjoying
hanging out in general.
I miss my girl an awful lot and Toronto is pretty far from Sooke but
to have her here for this short time and to see her so happy in 
her life is the best gift I could have.
That and having all of my friends and family near and dear to me.
Yup, I'm a lucky gal.


Suz said...

I would have never seen the other beer if you hadn't mentioned it..hee hee
What a guy!
to clean a bathroom!
and plan a party gathering
glad you had a wonderful time
ah life can be grand sometimes...
happy 50th you youngster

gz said...

A marvellous trip!

and wasn't that a dragonfly above the lake?

Stone Angel said...

So happy for you - what a wonderful guy Tom is and such a beautiful daughter. What did she do with the puppies??? AND - I love it that you were drinking with two hands.

Kerry O'Gorman said...

gz...that would be a seagull above the pond!
Stone Angel...Aja kept BOTH dogs that she was fostering and a good friend is dog sitting.
I love that I was drinking with two hands as well!

Mary said...

Thank you for catching us up on your special day! What a special family time. And yes, i would be suspicious too if my husband cleaned either bathroom. He does his share of chores around here too, but that particular one ends up being mine, usually! Your cake looks delicious, spectacular... and CHOCOLATE! Yummmmeee. And i do believe i spy stairs in one of your pics. I adore staircases. Always have to see what's at the other 'side'... :)

Anonymous said...

first: *moan* that chocolate cake!!! happy 50th!!!

second: this entire day sounded so marvelous, truly. so many loving people in your life!

third: so nice to "meet" aja. so hard to have so many miles between, and so your post gives me strength for when the miles increase in my own life, i'll find the way to accept and embrace as you do. (two fisted beer drinking, right! heh....)