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Maxim Gorky

Monday, January 16, 2012

Old endings and new beginnings...

This is a typical picture of a goat.
Hard to get them to stand still for a picture, you usually end up
with quite a few shots like this.
His name was Tramp.
Sadly he died on Saturday night. He was the last of 6 of our
original goats which we got 12 years ago.
He had a stroke about 3 weeks ago and then went downhill from there.
We will remember him in happier days... with a young, tame rooster we called Sonny, who became pals
with Tramp for a while...
Tom came home Sunday and dug him a resting spot by the barn.
After we wrapped him with a blanket and put some hay and favorite leaves in
with him, we began to shovel in the soil.
Griffin, our dog was standing by the graveside throughout the process and
had inspected Tramp before we put him in the hole.
As Tom and I began to shovel the dirt back into the grave, 
Griffin did something so endearing.
He stood at the edge and began to push the dirt in with his nose,
as he does when burying a favorite bone.
I suppose he figured it was his job to help bury Tramp as well.
He worked with us until the pile was gone and then
went back and forth to the barn as if to make sure we were all done.
Our goat that we adopted in the spring, Katie, was quite something
throughout Tramps demise. 
He lost his sight and Katie took it upon herself to make sure he was safe.
She became somewhat of a "seeing eye goat".
One day Tramp became stuck in some bushes in the lower field
and Katie made sure to help him find his way back to the barn.
He could follow her bleats and smell. 
As much as we love her, we have decided to find a new home for Katie since goats are 
a herd animal and it would be cruel to have her all alone.
A very promising home with other goats is on the horizon and 
hopefully by the coming weekend she will be living there.
We will take a break from the barn animals for a while
but remember each and every one we have had with great fondness.
(photo courtesy of Aja O'Gorman)


Suz said...

oh my what a tale
Your telling of the buriel was
so touching and so honorable to your lovely goat
I think to be part of a herd is the best for are good people

Stone Angel said...

So very sorry about Tramp - Griffin sounds like such a sensitive being. Your photo of Tramp and Sonny is stunning - such a contrast in black and white. My best wishes to Katie in a new home with others of her ilk and know that I am thinking about you.

farmlady said...

I'm not one to cry often. But, you have given me permission to weep a little with this post. I know that this is what we always have ahead of us with our animals. It is the way of all things and the part that we accept when we take animals (and humans) into our lives.
I was touched by your telling of putting Tramp to rest and the picture I envisioned of Griff helping you. Animals that live together have a bond too and must be allowed to say goodbye.
Katie will be fine with others. Like Bart and Freckles, they just need a place that cares for and loves them.
It's time for a rest.... a well deserved one. Thank you for being the animal loving folks that you are. It makes our bond and friendship stronger to know that you love your animals so much.
That last photos is breathtaking.

Mary said...

Dear Kerry.. Your post made me shed a few tears.. of sadness at Tramp's passing, but also of joy. Please don't take that the wrong way? I love animals to the core of my being. They have beautiful hearts and souls and give us so much when they're with us, and live on in our hearts and in our memories when they go. I feel much love and joy when i think of your dog and how he helped you bury your animal friend. You gave Tramp a wonderful home while he was here in this life, and it gives me joy to know there are people like you in the world who love and share your lives with animals...

Mary said...

But i'm so very sad for your loss of Tramp. He looks like he was a happy and mischievous boy. I especially love the first photo of him where he he won't stand still! The look in those eyes! Love love love. :)

Anonymous said...

we learn from the most unlikely places and then after awhile we realize these were not unlikely places at all. of course tramp and grif show us the way so many times over the course of their years. what a blessing. and how hard to take a shovel to the dirt when the time comes. i am sorry for your loss.

years ago when my sister married her sheep rancher, she said the hardest thing to learn was that everything is born on the ranch and then every creature passes away on the ranch and the only thing she could do to truly cope with it was to embrace it. this sort of embrace is trademark of you, kerry. and the way you turn and invite us in is yet another blessing extended. it takes strength and balance and courage to extend the way you do. thank you. i hope many blessings continue to return to you.

(tremendous photos!!)