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Maxim Gorky

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I've got mail!

Have I ever mentioned the fact that I love whoever began Etsy?
For those of you unfamiliar with this site, it is a showcase for all
things handmade, collectible, craft supplies and
 thousands of..just...beautiful stuff.
If you are an artist or crafts person, this is a great place to showcase
your work for next to nothing.
The website can go into more detail.
ANYWAY... I have been a faithful Etsy buyer and seller for a few years
now and just the other day I received a package from one
of those fantastic suppliers.
Dory of Worthy Goods Textiles has beautiful organic fabric,
fleece and some amazing vintage items in her shop.
It was these vintage bobbin spools which caught my eye...
They have a beautiful, dark patina and I have big plans for them.
We'll see if time allows for the creative ideas I'm trying to marry them with.
Dory even threw in an extra spool as a gift.
Thank you!
Have a look at her shop and go get lost on Etsy...
you won't be disappointed!
(P.S...from now until December 7th, I'm offering FREE SHIPPING!)


farmlady said...

These are so beautiful. Old, oiled with the hands of others, unique and waiting for your creative artistry. Legs maybe?
I will check out her Etsy site. That was so nice to give her link to all of us. Thanks.

Mary said...

Oh those are lovely. Sometimes old things are the best things. I love the shape.. and i can reach into the photos and feel the texture. These really do remind me of times passed..