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"Happiness always looks small when you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and at once you learn how big and precious it is."
Maxim Gorky

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Others...

Wow! I just saw that this is my 600th post!
Who'd a thunk it?!
I'm always intrigued at the creativity of other artists, especially sculptors.
I've been following a site called The Daily Art Muse and came across 
this really interesting sculptor who uses chicken wire for her medium.
I've used it myself several times for armatures but never seen it used in this way.
The story of the sculptures she has been working on is most incredible as well.
Have a look here.
Next time you go to make a little fence for your garden or hen yard, you may be inspired!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Song for Friday...a 'hurtin' song...

Sometimes you just want to hear a good old hurtin' song.
Even if everythings fine, sad songs are neccessary.
They remind us of how life can hurt, heal and hurt again.
Plus they're good for singin' along with while you're on a long drive.
Ray LaMontagne is one of the best new singer songwriters
of our time and boy does he know how to write a sad song.
So here he is in all his painful glory...
But have a great weekend no matter what!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

C'est Fini!

Dr. Paul and his trusty side kick Cappucino ('Cino for short) are here!
it was quite the challenge to do a real person, especially since
I've never met him in person and only had photos 
to work with, but with this man's
characteristic face and frame, it was a lot of fun...Paul visits Ireland regularly
so I put him in his very own Aran sweater...
...and of course Cino was an absolute pleasure to recreate...
The wool for the dog and Pauls hair was perfect, thanks to
Celtique a husband and wife team from Wales who have 
the most beautiful wool locks for felting or whatever your heart desires.
 It is the softest, cleanest wool locks I've ever used and with their 
advice on colours, well, Cino and Paul both ended up with
exactly what they needed.
By the's photos of the real models...
So, on to the next project...

Monday, February 27, 2012


Yesterday was a sunny, spring-like day, so I took the weathers cue
and headed north up the Island for a ramble with Irma and Frank.
Our destination was just outside of the little community of Shawnigan Lake.
In particular, the old quarry...
This was a limestone quarry which operated in the '40s in conjunction with
the cement plant about 15 miles away.
It covers over 25 acres and has some lovely views.
 It tried to become a fish plant a number of years ago but shut down
and has since become a favorite place for walkers, swimmers and riders alike.
Our first stop was into the bush where Irma showed me this...
It was some kind of oven and is huge but we weren't quite sure what it was for.
Irma had heard that it was for making lime powder to be used in farmers fields,
but whatever it was, clearly the dogs thought it to be evil!
I was reminded of pictures of the temples in Angkor Wat in Cambodia
where the jungle is slowly growing over the ruins...
Looking through a big hole on the top side of the metal, reveals the 
expert, drystone masonry...
Along the top side of the quarry, we found evidence of more rock work
but have yet to determine what this was for as well...
The edges of the quarry are sharp and steep...mind your step guys!
In this next picture, I photo shopped the red line along the edge where I was 
standing. The bottom where the water is lay about 40 feet straight down...
Last summer, Irma discovered this to be a great swimming hole.
She figures the limestone is a natural filter and there's no plant life living in
the water so it's very clear and clean...
I hope to check it out myself this summer...picnic, sunny day, bottle of cold wine...
sounds like heaven to me.
After a tasty little lunch in the village, we went for a walk down by the 
railway tracks on the lake...
There's some funky little places along here.
...if this tree house could talk!
The detail on the shutters of the old community hall were really pretty...
...a well used gate down to the lake...
...and if I closed my eyes just for a moment, I could hear the train comin' down the tracks...