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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Meanwhile back in Toronto...

No, I'm not back in Toronto but I still have a few tales and photos to share.
Here in Canada we have a political, cultural satirist by the name of Rick Mercer.
Each week on CBC television he has a half hour show where he
showcases strange and beautiful things about our country.
He also has a bit in the middle of the show called "The Rant".
And yes, you guessed it, he rants about a current affair.
For this segment he strolls through the alleyways around Queen St West
which are covered in fantastic graffiti. Is it still called graffiti?
I suppose it could be called Urban Wall art or something but whatever
the case may be it's amazing.
So here's a few shots of some of the strolls Tom and I took through these alleys
and this one near our daughters house which I couldn't resist...
 Queen St West area...
 My favorite!...
 Couldn't resist having my photo snapped at this subway station...yup, Queen for a day!


the wild magnolia said...

Love the graffiti, good pic of the queen.

Felicity Hayes-McCoy said...

I love this post! The buildings as well as the vibrancy of the art. Thank you - it was a delight to see and read.

inger lutje schipholt said...

I am so enjoying browsing through here. It is a part of the world I know nothing about :)

Valerie Brown said...

I love the graffiti too! That's one thing I miss, now that we don't live in TO any longer!

Mary said...

Those are fabulous. I don't think i've ever seen graffiti that unique and done by people with such talent. I love this. :)