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Maxim Gorky

Friday, March 22, 2013

Up to some good....

Norene and I got up to some felting last weekend and since we both have
new babies in the midst of our families, we got to work on some booties.
The pair I made were for my friend Irma's daughter who I've known
since she was a young teenager. Now she's in her 30's and has
started a little family of her own.
Yup, the babies are having babies!
(you know you're getting old when...)
So Jenny had a wee boy named Linden and I made this pair for him...
After wet felting, I needle felted the bee and the flower onto them...
Norene's daughter is having a little girl so she made not one but THREE pairs!...
Love the polka dots on these!
She has really taken to needle felting!
Look at these sweet little purple ones...( do I see a little crocheted hat there too?)
We've been using silk/merino blends to keep tiny feet from being itchy.
Tom and I just found out today that our nephew and his partner had a baby girl yesterday!
Welcome to the world little Abigail!
Looks like I'll be making some pink themed ones as well.
So there you go...projects for a rainy day before the chores of the garden take priority.


Suz said...

I'd like to see those on Etsy

Stone Angel said...

Totally Delicious - such talent the two of you have.

the wild magnolia said...

these are so cute and fun, they make me smile.

you do great work!

Nancy Kay said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! These booties are ADORABLE!! I love what you gals did with the wet felting and the needle felting embellishments. Very, very cute! Do you have a mold that you wet felt around to form the booties?

Cobalt Violet said...

OMG... definitely on the list of cutest things ever! LOVE the shape of the little booties you did that look a little elfin ... adorable!!! I would have loved those for my nephew. Alas, now he's 7 and wears crocs. sigh ... it's goes fast!

Great job! Seriously, cutest thing ever.

farmlady said...

I wish I had a baby in the family right now. These booties are beautiful.. adorable, wonderful.
Did you use a resist or just shape them?

Ciara said...

Oh MY! These are beyond adorable. My recent foray into felting has left me wanting more. These cutie booties are, as yet, beyond my abilities, but they make me excited about the possibilities! xxx

Melody said...

How unbelievably cute are those?? I have wee felt booty envy! Just too stinkin' adorable! LOVE them!