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Maxim Gorky

Saturday, September 21, 2013

What a day! Part 1...

Arriving  two weeks before the wedding was a good thing!
So much energy....such a buzz in the many things to get ready.
Aside from the usual chores of readying the house and yard, 
There was the fun stuff....
Going to the spa with Aja, bridesmaid Jenna and my niece Meaghan the 
Friday before the wedding was a treat that I've never
experienced before.
We went to a place that had 'healing waters'.
This included a mimicked Dead Sea pool,
eucalyptus steam room, a cold pool, an infared sauna,
full body salt scrub chai smoothies poolside....HEAVEN!!!
Yes, this is how the other half lives!
The next day, after my jello body peeled itself out of bed,
It was time to pick up the flowers to make the bouquet
and table centerpieces...
Aja requested a style of bouquet that included succulents.
I had never really done a full on bouquet, let alone one with succulents.
First they had to be wired for stability...

In the end, the result was really stunning (if I do say so myself!)
and Aja was really happy with it...
Her colours were navy, grass green and buttercup yellow so I did
a French tie with green pins to incorporate all of the colours...

Three bridesmaid bouquets to match...

Kermit mums, Crispedia and Lisianthus rounded out the bouquet...

While I was doing the flowers, my mom and Meaghan were working on the cake.
Can you guess what kind?
 Yup....a three tiered rice crispy cake!
It took A LOT of cereal and marshmallows that's for sure!
And one big ass pan!
While the cake was being made, friends were outside getting the decorating done...
As well as testing out some of the libations!
Alright....just about ready for the big event... be continued!


farmlady said...

Oh my gosh, Kerry. You're talent never ends. Those flowers are so beautiful. What lovely colors and combinations.
I'm so glad the wedding went so well. I looked at all the photos in your Google plus that showed up in my email. I LOVE the shoe photo..., all of them. And that little red-headed boy is a photo shoot all by himself.
Your daughter is so beautiful and looks a lot like you.
Can't wait for another post.

Suz said...

ha ha you guys know how to have fun! gorgeous flowers!

Nancy Kay said...

The bouquets are really beautiful; I never would have imagined how great these flowers and succulents look together!

A rice-crispie cake? Sounds delicious!

Looks like everyone was having a grand time preparing for the event.