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"Happiness always looks small when you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and at once you learn how big and precious it is."
Maxim Gorky

Friday, April 11, 2014

Song for Friday...the things I chose

Montreal singer songwriter Rob Lutes is
number 1 on my radar these days.
He is akin to some of my favorites including Marc Cohn,
Tony Furtado, Ray LaMontagne and Glen Hansard.
Genuine music, I call it.
Honest guitar playing.
Truthful lyrics.
This song in particular has been tugging at my heart strings lately.
"The things we didn't choose".
Clips of old home movies reminding us of how
life evolves around us especially when it comes to
the matters of heart and home.
So today I choose Rob Lutes for you and a beautiful song,
from his latest cd The Bravest Birds.
Have a great weekend all!


Monday, April 7, 2014

Mouse nests, moths and basketballs for pillows...

Is that the weirdest post title?
Caught your interest I bet!
It's the season, now that the days are getting warmer, moths are all a flutter at the window at night.
They flick against the glass and venture through the cracks in open windows.
Yesterday morning I found one in the bathroom, snuggling up to the night light...
...wearing the most lovely velvet cape. 
Rich browns and taupes...all the rage this spring I'm sure!
As I was cleaning up around the pond the other day, in amongst the dead, dry grass,
I found an old mouse nest...
 First I made sure that there was no babies or evidence of it being used recently...
 ...a perfect little ball of grass, woven expertly by tiny pink paws...
 I've found these before, some having bits of string and tissue.
This one was pure grass though...
 Definitely not something you want in your house, but out there in the open, I can imagine furless
little pink skinned babies, curled up in the coziness of this house...
 It weighed next to nothing...
 I set it by the door, nestled in a concrete leaf form that didn't seem to
have a purpose for much except looking pretty.
 Now a vessel for this little marvel.
Speaking of being cozy...I just had to share this picture of Rueben.
He was trying to find a nice slice of sunlight one know, that perfect spot to have a 12 hour nap? As the sun was moving through the living room he manged to snag this spot...
...beside Griffins 'toy box', amongst ripped stuffies and numerous partial toys,
 head perfectly resting on a basketball pillow.
He slept here for quite a while until the sun shifted and then moved with the sun 
to another spot previously occupied by evidenced by the bone...
Oh the life of a cat...
Or a dog for that matter!