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"Happiness always looks small when you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and at once you learn how big and precious it is."
Maxim Gorky

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hello Beautiful...

Today was Earth Day.
It was a beautiful day on the Island 
and when I woke up this morning and turned on the CBC,
they were playing a Sarah Harmer song about the Niagara Escarpment.
How fitting.
Our Earth is indeed in trouble and we have many miles to go in order to 
help fix things, slow things down and stop things from the cycle of destruction.
Of this I am more than aware of.
But call me a Pollyanna, an idealist, an optimist or whatever but today
I am celebrating the beauty.
I'm bound by the beauty.
I'm in awe of the beauty.
I'm inspired by the beauty.
I went for a visit at good friend Annie Boquist's house down the road...
I've written about Annie and her husband David 
and the amazing things they've done on their property here and here
and so here I go again.
Because they make the world beautiful.
We need that more than ever.
Annie has spent many, many years cutting back invasive species and aiding in
the propagation of the rare pink fawn lily or Erythronium revolutum.
I find that second word quite interesting because right now and for some time,
there has been a green revolution.
Like minded people are planting, growing, harvesting and caring for our natural world.
There is evilness and ugliness enough in this world and inevitably I here about it somehow,
but in my own way I am cultivating goodness and positive feelings
 by being with people like Annie in her pink fawn lily haven...
I am not ignoring the terrorists, the murderers or the pedophiles who rob this world
of safety and love but instead I feel I belong to a collective consciousness of peace and hope.
 "there's a natural mystic flowing through the air"
Bob Marley
Two other friends have come to visit Annie today and we all take a walk to marvel at this tiny  sanctuary by the creek...
The sunlight is lending gorgeous light to the forest...
 Fists of sword fern unfurl in the warmth...
...we head back to the house to have a peak in Annie's studio...
It's like a mad watchmaker/toymaker/magicians lair with ingredients to 
guide the imagination to conjure up...well...things like this...
Made from gourds Annie grows and all the marvelous bits and pieces in her studio.
Now, we mustn't leave without mentioning Marjorie.
Little, tiny legged Marjorie, who kept up with us like a trooper,
who now feels left behind...
"don't worry sweetie! we'll let you in!"
Safe and sound...
And indeed this part of this beautiful earth is safe and sound and peaceful and beautiful.
Thanks again Annie and David.

(thanks Gillian and Dianne for the visit and laughter too!)

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Nancy Kay said...

A perfect blog post for Earth Day. Lovely photos of the beautiful grounds around your neighbors' house. Love the song. We do have a beautiful, natural home which we must care for with compassion.