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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Honey I shrunk the trailer...part 1

A month before my 11 year old niece arrived for her summer holidays here,
I ordered her a birthday present for her upcoming 12th in August.
I found this little model kit on Etsy.
I inquired what it came with?
Everything in the picture was the reply!
So when Stephanie showed up she was absolutely thrilled with our intended project.
It came with many many little pieces of wood and paper...
It came with all of the tools to put it together. Glue, scissors, exacto knife, ruler, pencil, fabric.
Did I mention it came with MANY LITTLE PIECES?
Oh and the directions were all in Japanese! (I think)
But very good pictorial directions.
Were we still in? 
You bet!!
This is how it came. The shell was the only thing put together.
Made out of thin, light balsa wood and painted the most beautiful vintage blue!
We put in the window frames and put together the little box thing by the trailer hitch...
Window boxes...check!
After a few days of sniffing airplane glue and making tiny curtains, pillows
quilts and lawn furniture we were making progress...
But our project would have to wait until we got back from our road trip.
We brought it with us to show a few friends who we were visiting
and took a few pictures of it at our campsite for fun...
 This kit has everything!
Just wait till you see part 2 and the finished product.
But for now I'll leave you at the halfway point...MUCH more to come

1 comment:

Limner said...

Oh, what fun! I'd want one too but what would I do with it once it's finished? :( I bought two miniature models last week. Talk about tiny parts! I think your kit is lovely, lovely, lovely, and just the thing for your niece. :) You're cool.

Your post's title is perfect. LOL!