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Maxim Gorky

Friday, July 24, 2009

Looking for kin…

Our next day in Belfast was to be spent checking out some record offices to see if we could find out anything about dads ancestors who had all left Ireland for Canada. His grandfathers side was from the south, probably around Cork, and had left during the great famine of the 1800’s. This migration to Canada and the U.S has been well documented although if you don’t have exact dates and names it can gobble up a wack of time looking at ships records. This was the info we didn’t have but dad did know something of his grandmothers family who were mostly from Belfast. After a few leads we did come across a possible name and date of birth of his great grandfather who was a linen merchant. It was incredibly emotional for dad to have this name looking back at him from the past and even more so when we walked the streets and sat in the same parks as his relatives had done many years before. …

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