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...a glimpse into life on Vancouver Island, needle felting, photography, food, gardening, etcetera...etcetera
"Happiness always looks small when you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and at once you learn how big and precious it is."
Maxim Gorky

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Chilly morn..

Well we've had some pretty chilly mornings here in Sooke and although its a bit shocking when I step outside for the morning walk, it is such a blessed relief from all that rain. The moon has been full too, which makes everything that much crisp and clear...I can walk out to the henhouse at 6 a.m without the need for a flashlight and see all the shadows from the moonshine, still high in the sky...

I am crazy for frost...the way it puts a sugar coating on things is magical and it seems can transform the ugly duckling into the swan...

The van windows become works of art after a cold night...

We haven't had snow yet this season, but hopefully we will get a little for a short on the coast it is a bit of a novelty when it snows...I grew up in Toronto, so snow and winter just go together although I don't enjoy driving in it, I love to crunch through the woods when the first snow comes...part of the magic of these cold, dark days...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

simple things

This is a tiny little bowl made in Scotland. It measures about 5 cm across. It holds a few little acorn caps and sits on my windowsill. It is old and smooth and I love it for these few reasons...there is a beauty in such things...

When I first started this blog, I thought it would be used as a journal and to publish the many pictures I take...after all, why let them sit in a dusty corner of my folders on my pc. It wasn't intended to make me famous or to sell my artwork or even for others to read but just as notes to myself to record the simple things in life that make it all beautiful. I walk my dog every morning, rain, snow or shine and this is the time of day in which I can reflect on things around me...The first soft light on the tops of the trees...frost sparkling on the edges of leaves...blackbird songs in early spring...I am not solving world peace or inventing the next miracle cure but the tiny things in my life are great to me and I feel they deserve to be obsevered.
Maybe someday a great grandchild will wonder what I was like and will find these notes as an insght to what interested me, what provoked my  thoughts and how I saw this world....Now that I have been blogging and peaking into others blogs, I find it is the simple ones about daily life which I enjoy and how people live and they observe the bits and pieces which gather their lives together...what touches their hearts and minds. For when we all know a little about one another the world becomes a smaller, more intimate place.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

out and about..

Out in the garden for a look on a rare sunny's been raining for something like 23 days in a row so when that big yellow orb appeared, I thought I would see whats up in the dying days of late fall...

Then up to the barnyard and time to let the chickens out...



The chicks have, it seems, all of a sudden gone from this...

...and this... grown chickens out and about on their own....brave new world...

Monday, November 30, 2009

bath season!

Here on our little patch of the earth our water comes from a well. This means that during the dry months, usually end of June through to October, we have to be careful with our water consumption...sometimes it can be a bit trying but it also makes you much more aware of the  precious value of water. It can really make you think when, on a hot, dry August day and you go into town (where water is easily obtained) and there's some guy power washing his asphalt driveway! I want to scream or run out with a bucket to gather up all that's being washed away and use it for my carrot patch...I think of places of drought where people walk for miles to get a load of water for the day, EVERY DAY and I am once again in awe of the struggles others face while we are"water rich" , even in my neck of the woods. BUT....come winter with the deluge of rain it is once again BATH SEASON! I always have something to read in there and Tom bought me a lovely book caddy for the tub one birthday...speaking of books...I just finished this one...

Such a great story set on the east coast of Canada in the early 1900's

And I just started this one of a womans search for the truth behind the mutiny on the "Bounty". So the bath is full and I am happy and have written my ...     
'Ode to a tub'

A long day
A hard day
A cold, wet day.
A dark day
Of chopping wood
Or cleaning out the barn.
The candles are lit
The taps are open
The bubbles rise and foam
A good book
A glass of wine
Soft music down the hall.
It is only a large container
But a vessel if you will;
Which holds my aching body
And soothes a busy mind.
It brings me peace and solitude
And sails away the time.
Oh my tub, my lovely tub
You keep me sane and warm
I'll take the wrinkled fingertips
And praise your white walled love
While the moon peaks through the window pane
In the winter sky above.