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"Happiness always looks small when you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and at once you learn how big and precious it is."
Maxim Gorky

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Outstanding in their field...

We have a small heard of deer that like to hang out in our fields...Sometimes there's 5 or 6 but this morning it was just the 2 of them....
I like the fact that they feel safe here and even graze with the goats now and then..
...playing peek-a-boo amongst the apple trees....
Then they spot Griffin and decide to amble on.


myletterstoemily said...

yeah, i bet they aren't as fond
of griffin as the rest of you!

when i was a little girl, we had
deer on our ranch, too. one
time a fawn came over to play,
which consisted of him sucking
on our ears. :)

farmlady said...

They are so beautiful.
I always find it interesting that they come so close to our house. They really seem to like our company..., as long as we don't get too close.

Tatersmama said...

While we were in California, the deer would come right down to the back of the little house we were staying at, and it was such a joy to see them! Even when things got busy and noisey, you could still hear them walking around and snorting in the woods! Heavenly!