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Maxim Gorky

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Big Swap...

A while ago, Nadia over at la porte rouge, put out a call to anyone who might be interested in a autumn swap.
I joined in thinking this was a cool way of getting to know other bloggers and what they blog about.
Our mission...
Nadia sent us the name and address of our recipient.
To them we were to send:
#1: A postcard or photo with a favorite saying or quote.
I chose this vintage postcard I had received in a box with about 100 others...
They all had messages written on them and I like to wonder who and why they were written.
People use to write a lot more than they do now, as you can see by this one, which the sender is wondering why she hasn't heard from 'Sara' in 2 weeks...when was the last time you wrote a letter?
The quote, in orange lettering is my contribution.
#2: A favorite book, new or used which you love.
It was challenging to think of sending a book to someone I had never met and not knowing their tastes so I decided on this sweet little Beatrix Potter book.
I love her imagination and I think that children's books are often under rated.
Sometimes they hold great life lessons.
#3: Something from nature.
I used to make these pictures and take them to craft fairs and I decided that this was a good choice for #3.
Fiddle heads are a sign of spring around here, and although this is an autumn swap, it could be a new beginning of sorts. Maybe new friendships will be born and unfurl.
Lastly #4: Something of our choice.
One of the things I do know for sure about my recipient is that she's a foodie so I am sending her a jar of my home made blackberry lavender jam...
In late summer, the Himalayan blackberries are plump and juicy and the lavender aromatic and abundant.
I always make a few batches and love the combination of flavors.
So there it is.
All packed and ready to go...
My recipient will remain a secret, as requested by Nadia, until she receives her package in the coming weeks.
The suspense is killing me to know who has my name and what surprise I will find in my mailbox one day!
This was an interesting exercise in finding things which please you and are a reflection of yourself.
It's like having a pen pal you never met and introducing them into your world.
Cheers Nadia!


onesilentwinter said...

all so fantastic, i love it! i like how you took the time every detail so special and the jam sounds devine!!! thank you so much for being part of it!

Brenda Stratton said...

I wish I was your secret blog pal...

Shammickite said...

What an amazing idea....

Jaime said...

lol...this is a different Autumn swap than the one I am involved in....I bet there are many of them going on around the blogosphere!

Christine said...

i love swaps ~ especially with strangers :-) so fun to see what you sent and what you got in your newest post!