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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Today is Gordon Lightfoot's 72nd birthday.
What can you say about a Canadian icon who has gifted us with so many great songs?
His contribution to song writing not only brought folks singers from these parts to fame, but he also told the story of some of Canada's history, geography, weather, scents and sounds.
So an extra song this week...
This one's a bit longer than usual but tells the story of the railway that linked Canada together before planes, major highways and all of the other modern technology to come.
Happy Birthday Gord.
You make us proud!


farmlady said...

Oh my! He's 72. Where did the years go. I always loved his voice.
Great song and video. Think what that railroad did for Canada. What a difference it must have made.
Nice post....

Tatersmama said...

Oh my goodness! 72? Are you kidding me?
I've always loved Gordon Lightfoot, and at one time had all his albums - and I even once dated a boy simply because he was as Gordon mad as I was!! (it paid off well too! ;)

Like Dylan said, "When I hear a Gordon Lightfoot song, I wish it would last forever..."

the wild magnolia said...

A lovely tribute to Canada's Gordon Lightfoot!

I did not know of him until now and listening to his music it is easy to see why you love him so much!