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"Happiness always looks small when you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and at once you learn how big and precious it is."
Maxim Gorky

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A life well lived...

This is Marge Duncan...nee Cairns.
 Better known to some as 'mom'.
Best known to me as 'gramma'.
Born on the small island of Saltspring on a snowy Christmas night in 1921.
Too snowy for Doctor Maxwell to make it to the farm to deliver this baby girl,
so it was left up to 'Aunt Emily',
(shown with her father and sister, San, the following summer)
She grew up on this island...
Until she met the handsome Gerry Duncan...
They were married in 1939 and moved to Victoria.
 It was there where 9 babies were born to them.
My mom was the first.
And then 2 boys and finally a baby sister!
And then 5 more boys!
And one more boy, a nephew, who was wrapped up in the warm light of one big family.
One more brother for all to love
This was my gramma.
Full of love for children.
 Full of kindness to all.
Her own, her kin and any others that came into the house.
She was married to my grampa for over 57 years...
Giving faith to true love and commitment.
  Baby fussing?
Give it to gramma.
Soon the babe would fall asleep in her arms.
Even in latter stages of dementia, 
the latest of the great grandchildren could be rocked into dreamland by my gramma.
 Her characteristic giggles while saying hello and grabbing your hands to pull you towards her were also evident until the end.
Without the ability to speak anymore, there was still the knowledge of grand smiles and gripping hand holding.
 Ever so kind.
Ever so beautiful.
Ever so loving.
Ever so loved.
My gramma died peacefully in her sleep, early Sunday morning.
Typically, not bothering anyone.
Marge's life lingers on through us, her kin and keeps this wonderful person alive and well.
We are all better people from knowing her.
We all get the giggles from her.


Anonymous said...

That was awesome Kerry. Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tribute to Mom, you are so sweet Kerry. Grandma would have loved it! Tas

Anonymous said...

Mom is somewhere we can always find our hearts. Thank you so much for the wonderful memories of Mom, Kerry. A dull day is so much brighter when kindness touches it. Uncle Bri

Anonymous said...

I never really got to know any of my grandparents so there has always been that something missing from my family tree. The ability to tap into that missing link and to cherish the memories of a past that would otherwise have been lost. Like any life that has been well lived it always seems to pass by so quickly like a wisp on the wind. At least you have those cherished memories of your granmother to hold onto and remember to your grandchildren. Precious memories that I know you will keep alive for a long time to come. I am so sorry for your loss....

Brenda Stratton said...

That was beautiful Kerry. Thinking of you. Brenda

Anonymous said...

What a lovely panorama of Mom's life. She was remarkable and lovely in so many ways. It lifted my spirits. Thank you so much, Kerry.


Ah, Kerry -- this is so lovely. The words are beautiful and the pictures are so enjoyable. I hadn't seen a picture of your Grandma Marge in the past couple of years, so thank you so much for putting these together. I'm going to forward the link to your Grandma's "Toronto grandkids". See you next week. Kathi

Anonymous said...

Kerry, this is truly lovely. I know we are all missing Grabby so much right now, but seeing these pictures of her & her beautiful smile... you just cant help but to smile right back :) Thank you so much for putting this together & sharing it with us. Lyns

the wild magnolia said...

Blessed remembrance, heartwarming wonder, for this warmhearted loving woman!

Good job!


Anonymous said...

Kerry, what a beautiful tribute to Marge that you have put together. She was a blessing to anyone who met her. She had this wonderful way of making you feel her love all in her smile. I feel blessed to have known her and will miss her deeply. Rosalind

Sherry O'Keefe said...

your posts continually reinforce the magic about life. that shot of your g-ma holding your mom is glorious. you help me keep the faith...