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"Happiness always looks small when you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and at once you learn how big and precious it is."
Maxim Gorky

Monday, October 17, 2011

On Sundays....

Today is Monday and the traffic on my road is back to it's weekly routine...the school bus
rumbles by, commuters make their way into the village and the city, service vehicles driving
to and fro. There's the distant sound of machinery and the general sounds of 
a work day begin in earnest.
I don't usually walk Griffin along this road during the week, it being a bit busy with
no safe shoulder .
But Sunday....glorious Sunday morning!!
 I can feel at ease strolling right down the middle of the road and all is quiet...
We've had some fairly good frosty mornings and this early time of day shows
off the magic before the warmth takes it all away...
This time of year, people around here burn yard debris which has piled up all summer.
Forest fire season has passed so it's safe to have big bonfires during these cool crisp days.
The lingering smoke,  along with an atmospheric condition called an 'inversion',
plays with the cool fog and the rising sun and is music to my eyes...
It's this quiet time of morning when most are still in bed, lazy with their Sunday morning dreams
when I love to get out. I can hear the birds...see things before the rest of the world wakes up...
This turkey vulture quietly scanning the road for a morning snack.
And when I went back after the sun was up, he was still there, patiently keeping a vigil
on some deer remains left behind by a hunter...
As each minute went by, the light changed again and again.
Places where I had stood 10 minutes before in the dusky grey morning, were transformed
into warm, bursts of sunrise...
A bush where I had walked past, was now adorned with silky bits of web, hidden before in the dark...
Tom and I were supposed to go into the woodlot to cut firewood but at 5:45 a.m, the old
work truck thought better of that and didn't want to start.
So there I was, making lemonade from lemons, enjoying the peace, thinking
of my sister...her and Steve would have celebrated 18 years of marriage this weekend.
It's a time of day that I relish.
I collect my thoughts, remember dreams, think of great things to create and generally
solve all of the problems of the world...
Maybe next Sunday the truck will be in a better mood with a new starter and we'll see 
what's beyond the logging road gates.
I remembered a beautiful spot on the river up this road many years ago before 
they locked up all public access. Now only for a short time, they allow you in
to gather wood, leftovers from logging. For $20 you can go in for about 7 hours
and gather and cut what you can fit in your truck.
Stay tuned, but in the meantime, enjoy the quiet...


JeannetteLS said...

I was frustrated today because my legs were not working well enough to get me OUT in this beautiful fall day, away from the apartments. And I saw you'd made an entry and got to walk with you on your Sunday walk. Thank you. Sometimes places like yours help more than you may know. Beautiful pictures. There is NOTHING like farmlands, as the steam rises with an everrising sun. I remember this well from Pennsylvania.

It was especially magic there, when the Ammish farmers were out with their percherons, sometimes a six-horse team, plowing. It was magnificent to see the steam rising from the teams themselves, as they were prehistoricp- half mist-shrowded themselves.

I don't know why one of your pictures brought one such morning to mind, when I was out just with the sun and drove to such a spot, simply to stop. To step back in time. To breathe.

Thank you.

Cobalt Violet said...

Gosh you really captured amazing images ... just beautiful, moody, magical ... can't get over the fence shot and the spider web ... it's all beautiful!

Cobalt Violet said...

Oh! and the frost! looks so magical!