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"Happiness always looks small when you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and at once you learn how big and precious it is."
Maxim Gorky

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Song for Friday...LOVLIES!

The other night we watched this movie...

...the subtitle is ...

"it's not what you know, it's what you believe"

So true.
A gorgeously filmed movie.
A movie which keeps you guessing.
Brilliant acting.
The soundtrack included the voice of Lisa Hannigan.
Another Angel voice.

Have a truly magical weekend and .................


On wet days like this, I love to create...I have been playing with all of the fun editing toys on Picasa.
Or I will spend hours in the studio, needle felting, looking out at the weather.
Right now I am in the midst of crocodile dentistry...more on that later.
But I also get bundled up and take Griffin for a couple of walks.
I once heard an Irish saying that goes like this...
"there's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes."
Having a dog keeps you in touch with the elements.
Gets you up and out of your hibernation.
Allows you to meditate on the world beyond the glass.
Some people loath the rain.
Maybe it's in my blood, growing up on the West Coast of Vancouver Island.
Maybe it goes back as far as my ancestors on the West Coast of Ireland.
Whatever it is, although it does get tiring after days on end,
there's something good about rain.
Allowing me to be quiet within.
Picking up strands of projects, set aside on a clear and warm day.
Time for catching up on letters which need writing (yes I still write the odd snail mail).
Deciding on which pot of delicious soup to try from a number of recipes...
And reminding myself that spring, officially, is exactly 8 weeks away!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

All you need is love.

Imagine a dog who has never seen the out of doors...
A dog who has spent her life in a 2 X 4 crate to be bred...
A dog who wasn't even given a name.
Abused on many different levels.
Then you can imagine this girl...
She now has a name.
Just over 4 years old.
My daughter and her boyfriend have taken to fostering her after she spent 4 years as a puppy mill.
Emma is part of a group of Jack Russell's in Ontario who are rescued, fostered and then adopted into homes.
She's still quite timid, but with time and patience Emma will one day have a normal life.
The Jack Russell Terrier Rescue Ontario group takes on dogs who have been ...
abandoned (quite literally thrown out into the street),
mistreated and abused.
Sometimes they are relinquished by their owners because of unforeseen tragedies and illness.
Jack Russell's are prime targets of the underworld of puppy mills.
They became quite popular through the media and were a 'trendy' dog to own.
Many people didn't realize what they were taking on and after getting to know the breed, had to give them up.
A lot of people don't realize the energy and intelligence of these dogs.
They do poorly in shelters because they need stimulation and exercise.
Many shelters are underfunded and cannot give these dogs what they need. 
Therefore, a high number of JRs end up going stir crazy,
develop behavioral problems and/or end up being euthanized.
By the JRTO organization, finding foster homes, they learn to be in the real world and socialize better.
Then, their chances of being adopted into a 'forever' home, are much greater.
Aja and Paul are working with Emma to ensure she receives the life she deserves.
I have known a few JRs and know that they are full of love for those willing and ready to receive it...
So, if you know of someone who is considering owning this breed, tell them to research and...
Also suggest to them to look into fostering or adopting a rescue JR.
For more info and education have a look here...
In the meantime...Emma is doing well and winning over the hearts of those around her.
Her 2 other sisters have since been rescued from 4 years, breeding,  in 2 X 4 crates as well.
Modelling the new sweater.
Getting comfy on the couch.