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...a glimpse into life on Vancouver Island, needle felting, photography, food, gardening, etcetera...etcetera
"Happiness always looks small when you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and at once you learn how big and precious it is."
Maxim Gorky

Friday, February 4, 2011


Sometimes at the end of the week, at work,  there are flowers which have past their 
freshness point and although they might not quite make it on the shelf,
They're still good enough for us, at work to take home.
I LOVE flowers in the house!
In the summer months, I bring them in from the garden and have them all over.
Some, I just let the petals fall where they may (especially roses).
Last week I brought a bunch home from the shop and had two gorgeous bouquets.
Which, by the way, are still looking great.
Just inhale these gorgeous lilies and think...
warm meadows...early morning birdsong...tea in the garden...
there you have it....a quick and easy a vase.
If you're feeling snowed in, go buy yourself some flowers.
Guaranteed to make you feel warmer!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Song for Friday...just because

Some weeks I go through playing one song over and over...
Although this song was recorded a few years ago now, I still love it.
There's something melancholy about it.
Maybe a bit of unrequited love involved in the lyrics.
Makes me think of a rainy weekend in the city. 
Anyway, it's just that I find it one of those songs that keeps coming back to me.
 Just because.
Have a great weekend.
It's raining here in the country.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kerry's got a brand new bag!

Yesterday, I looked in the mail box and this was waiting for me...
all the way from New York...

A parcel that I've been waiting for!
 I've been looking for a bag that would hold my camera, wallet and sunglasses.
Something sturdy, but not bulky and wasn't afraid to get out in the bush or down to the beach.
Oh, and stylish too!
I found it and couldn't be more happy.
I found it on etsy.
Heavy duty canvas.
It's by a company called meatbagz ...they have super cute business cards too!
  Apparently it's an old Swiss Army fly fishing bag.
And as the description on their site says,
"What the Swiss Military needs with fly fishing bags, we don't know..."
 Maybe while the Swiss Army was being neutral during the war, they went fishing instead of fighting.
Anyway, whatever the reason is, I love what 'meatbagz' has done with it...
 A lovely Prince of a bird silk screened on to the front, a few cool buttons and rivets and Presto!
My new camera bag.
 I wanted to take a picture of my camera IN the bag, but of course this isn't possible unless I have another camera...hmmm...that's a thought....

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


It is no longer pitch black when I wake in the morning...
Slowly the light creeps in...
The promise of a day without rain...
 There is a definite hint of the seasons changing...
The last few mornings I've even heard the spring coming...
They're back!
The Red Winged blackbirds.
Staking out their territories by the little swamp...
Singing their hearts out...
Knowing that the work has begun.

Monday, January 31, 2011


There's a beautiful river which flows through a long, sometimes steep and winding canyon.
Lucky for us it's in Sooke and is about 15 minutes from home.
So yesterday, I picked up the fabulous four (my brothers kids; not to be confused with the 'tremendous trio', my sisters girls) and we took a walk along part of this geologic marvel.
They call this park The Potholes.
Fantastic pools collect in parts of the canyon which are famous for swimming in when the weather gets warm.
Teenagers jump off these cliffs as a right of passage in the summer.
Sometimes with tragic results.
But no swimmers today, except for the fish.
Here we are at one of the look outs near the top...
In this picture, if you look up to the left, top end, you'll see a set of stairs.
Just above that is where we stood to look down...
Those stairs, which are blocked off at the top, were once the dream of a man who wanted to build this massive convention centre.
He ran out of money, and political, environmental fights forced him into bankruptcy.
Eventually through private and public funding and A LOT of work by the The Land Conservancy of B.C, the property was purchased and officially became a provincial park a few years back.
They have fenced off the 'castle' as people used to call it for safety reasons, but at one time you could walk around the abandoned building sight.
Massive, walk through fire places and incredible rock work were part of the design...
(these were taken through the fencing)
When the timber beams were still up, it was like walking through an old ruin.
Word has it that once more funding is available, this will all be turned into a visitors/education centre for the park.
Extensive walkways are being restored to give great view points down the canyon.
The park runs alongside part of The Galloping Goose Regional trail.
This was an old railway bed turned walking, biking, horseback trail.
On this part of the trail sits Barnes Station...
This is, I believe, the only structure remaining that was actually a train stop.
Years ago when I was walking up here, I stood up on a bench to take a picture of a birds nest in this window.
This was back in the days of MANUAL cameras and FILM...remember that?
When I took the picture I held the camera as high as I could to take a shot of the nest...
When I finally got the photos developed, I noticed the pretty moth on the nest, as well as this little surprise...
But no nest today...just the empty station...
Plus some boot steps and singing...
So back out on the trail...
Goofing along the way...
Down to the river for another look at the canyon...
Along the riverbank...
Feeling the POWER of water!
Afterwards, it was back to my place to celebrate Julianna's birthday, but alas! 
Poor thing didn't feel so good and slept through our little party!
....broken arm at Christmas and sick on her birthday...
I told her "things can only look up for you now!"

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Do you have certain routines in the morning?
When I'm not working, I have a few habits
Are these considered ritual?
Perhaps anything which is practiced on a regular basis would be.
I mean, my world doesn't fall apart if I can't or don't do them.
I guess that would be more of an O.C disorder....
I must admit, I have a small list of simple comforts that bring me a little bit of joy each day.
The last few months since our cat Rueben has been ill, he's taken to curling up with us in bed.
For him, this is a bit unusual since he's not a real cuddly kind of cat.
More of a rebel rouser.
Anyway, after Tom goes to work at about 5:30 a.m, Rueben is usually found tucked into the space on the comforter, between my head and bent knees, in the space beside my belly,
Then it's Griffins turn to be 'invited' up.
The reason he waits till Tom has gone is that, well, he's just too big to fit up there when the two of us are in bed. (although he does try once in a while!)
We (cat, dog and myself) snooze there for another hour and a half or so.
Get up, let the chickens and goats out.
Then it's time for Griffins morning walk.
I must admit, there are days when this is not what I want to do, but once up and out...things are grand.
Summer mornings are always easier than wet January ones.
When we get home, it's feeding time for the animals. 
THEN I sit down for my mug...
I bought this monster mug in Dublin and sometimes it's full of my brewed coffee, other times it's a big cup of tea.
Twinnings makes a good batch.
Turn on the CBC radio show.
And finally before I set out to do other daily stuff, I sit down and catch up with all of you and your worlds.
It's my downtime before life takes over and the yang presides over the yin.
I believe these little habits are somewhat healthy for our souls.
It makes me feel balanced in a way.
Of course animals are a real gauge on routine and if things are out by half an hour or so 
they start to wonder "what's up?"
Today is Sunday and that's a day when I try not to make big plans.
It's a goof around kind of day. 
Catch up on a few chores, take the nieces and nephews for a walk, go visiting, that sort of thing.
...maybe have an adventure or two to tell the world!