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Maxim Gorky

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Who do you think you are?

Today I went to a Celebration of Life of an 80 year old man who I've known for about 7 years.
He was an army man with many medals, titles and years of service behind him.
It was a service where past military paid tribute as well as a Scottish Pipe Band (whom he started)
that played some of his favorite pieces.
Politicians who he had worked with and against came forth with stories of how they knew the man,
what they remembered, how much respect they had for him and what a sense of humor he had.
I didn't know 'Bob' in these respects, I knew him as a walker.
I met him in an area where I walk my dog Griffin daily,  mind you in the past year we
hadn't seen a lot of each other due to life's circumstances but for many years
I would encounter him and his daughter Brenda just about every morning.
We didn't talk much about politics or the military but more about the simple day to day life
we were each living.
We introduced each other to visiting members of our families and kept up on the goings on
of such persons through the years.
As with many funerals / celebrations and remembrances, we begin to see
another side of someone.
A whole other life that you may not of known about.
A side of a person who's not only a father, but a soldier, a buddy, a mentor, even to some, a hero.
We may think we know who we are but it's through the eyes of others in which your
true self may be revealed.
As Jeff Goldblum said in the movie "The Big Chill"
"It's the one great party they throw for you and you can't be there."
But in so many ways we are there.
Through those stories and tales and silly things you may have done, along
with all of the important dates and times that you lived,
that is who you are.
That is how you lived.
So don't ever underestimate your life and those you've touched...
you may well be surprised.
We'll miss you on the trail Bob.

(the dogs will miss the greetings and the cookies as well!)
( seen here with long time pal, Al, his dog Niki and Griffin )


Suz said...

some people are just life's wonders
wished I had known this man

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing this beautiful blog. I've only met Brenda, and it's no wonder she is the amazing woman she is. You are an incredible gifted human being to have taken the essence of Bob's life and transposed it to paper so beautifully, in fact you have scripted beautifully each of our destinies, with eloquence. Your tribute to Bob was the simplicity of meeting him on the trail, I am certain he would be smiling.