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Maxim Gorky

Monday, March 26, 2012

movie review....

Seraphine Louis.
Not a very recognizable name in art.
But her paintings were truly inspired.
Born in France in 1864, she was a humble cleaning woman
who was driven to paint by the voices of angels.
I first heard of this movie through Lucinda's blog and after 2 years of waiting for it to
 come to my local library, I've finally had the chance to watch it.
This film tells the story of Seraphine's discovery by a German art collecter
who brought her name to fame for a brief time.
Her paintings depicted the flora of her countryside and came 
alive with the lines of featherlike strokes, almost
looking like birds and insects...
Beautifully filmed in the colours and architecture of the time, it's a moving film
of a woman's passion for two things: God and painting.
Well worth the wait if you can find it.


Stone Angel said...

I agree, a beautiful film - it is available on Netflix.

I also love your Mexico photos - especially the Pelican sequence - poor Mom - I am hoping for the best for her.

the wild magnolia said...

I'll be looking for this, we are going on the road Friday, i'll see if my library can find the movie for when i come home. or, see if i can purchase it and then donate it to a library.

her art is amazing, i had never heard of her.

thank you.

farmlady said...

I have Netflix. I will put this in our Cue and hope for the best.
I had never heard of her but I love the vibrancy of her work.
Can't wait to see the movie.