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"Happiness always looks small when you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and at once you learn how big and precious it is."
Maxim Gorky

Thursday, April 12, 2012

All under one sky...

Last Sunday, my friend farmlady wrote about a rainbow
that popped up over her part of the world...
...and then on Monday morning it was at my house...
I liked to think that the same rainbow made the trip north
over night and paid me an early morning visit.
It was the best thing about Monday...
It kind of went downhill from there but thats another story.
I had read something yesterday which made me think of this rainbow.
A woman told the story of when she was a girl and her dad took her outside
one night to look at the moon, big, bright and full.
He told her that no matter how far apart they would be in their lives,
all she had to do was to look at that moon and know that somewhere, he was
looking at the very same moon.
She said it made her feel that the world was not so big and she was not always alone.
I like the analogy that we are all under the same sky.
It's a big one but not so big that you don't feel somewhere, someone
is cradled under that same big roof of this world.


farmlady said...

This post is so lovely. I'm sure that this is the same rainbow that I saw. I just know it.
You story of the moon under one sky reminded me of a few years ago when my Mother was still alive. I would go down to visit her. Then I would have to leave and come home. She told me that it was OK, because we could always look at the same sky, the same stars and moon together even thought we were not with each other. This was so reassuring to me, even as a grown woman. This made me feel close to her even though I was miles away.
Thank you for that memory.
Thank you for seeing the same rainbow and living "under one sky" with me.

Mary said...

Beautiful post and magnificent rainbow. I always feel that way when i look at the sky.. day or night. That my family so many miles away can see the same one, though it may look different. Like getting hugs long distance! :)

Norene said...

Beautiful...rainbows are special. I remember a year when there seemed to be a lot of rainbows and every one I saw was a double rainbow. Is there a meaning for double rainbows? Or just lucky, Bill and I still talk about our double rainbow year....I have not seen one since.

Valerie Brown said...

That's fantastic rainbow, and to have it over your house is the best! I love rainbows, and it gives me great joy to spot them (and share them with whomever is by me!).

The thing I remember about growing up in Langford is that it was always hard to see a whole lot of rainbows because of the trees and hills!