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"Happiness always looks small when you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and at once you learn how big and precious it is."
Maxim Gorky

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Away we went...part 1...

There are some things which are chiseled deep into memory
and for me, a lot of those cherished moments come from my childhood.
When my sisters girls came this summer, I wanted to do something different.
So we packed up the van and took the winding road out to the wild west coast
of Port Renfrew. It's a tiny community that is frequently cut
off in winter storms and has the most beautiful stretch of beach around.
After an hour and a half drive we arrived at our campground.
It's run by the local Native Band and sits at the mouth
of the Gordon River...
Now, as many of you know, going camping is actually a lot of work and it took us a while to
get set up but we found a nice little spot and  made up our  home for the night...
Then it was off for a walk up the road...
 We brought along my friends daughter whom the girls have got to know and love over the last few summers. Remember those kind of friends?
You would only see them a few times a year but it was like you never missed a beat.
The chatter was constant, the giggling endless!
We took a stroll down to the shore for firewood.
This is one of the best driftwood beaches around...
 Stephanie and I walked ahead as the older girls huddled behind a windbreak.
From this point, if you took a boat straight out, you would eventually get to Japan.
There have been a few items washed up on shore from the tsunami which hit a year ago
but we weren't finding much except local rusty boat parts...
Oh, and  a great swing!
The big girls finally joined us and we made our way along the sand and logs...
 ...finding the bouncy ones is the best! log horseback riding!
And you know the best part about camping?
The campfire!
There's something primeval about it...everyone wants to tend gaze into it for hours...and
the all important telling of ghost stories!!
Stephanie embarks on her own thrilling tale...
After I told mine, the girls started to get a little jumpy, looking behind their backs
and whispers of  "did you hear that?" and "what's that over there?"
so I figured we should change the pace and lighten it up a little...literally!
The big girls slept in the tent while Stephie and I and Griffin made our cozy
little home inside the van...
Tomorrow, we head out for adventure...sweet dreams.


Mary said...

So magical. A true enchanted forest. I love the Pacific Northwest! Up where you are, Kerry, and down South here. :) The fog. The enormous trees. The 'bigness'. I adore it. I am not a native of the west, but i've developed an almost primeval attachment to it. Like i belong here. So very wild compared to New England. And the camping and ghost stories. :D Perfect summertime activities. I imagine the wonderful time you had and the memories you made!

farmlady said...

Aw... you're such a good auntie.
What a great trip for the girls.
I also think that you are pretty brave to take them on a camping trip by yourself.
The photos tell of a beautiful place. Those driftwood tree skeletons along the beach are so wonderful. We never see whole trees on our beaches down here. I love that someone put a rope swing on one.
You have built another wonderful memory for them... one they will remember forever.The happiness shows around the campfire, walking on the huge trees and inside that camper.
Great post!

Valerie Brown said...

Absolutely fantastic, Kerry! That certainly will be one of the best memories for the girls. Reminds me of my own!

Suz said...

oh, can come along next time...I have only camped once in my life and I was 9 and don't remember much..and what I remember wasn't good....I love that beach the drift wood the rocks the water the sky.....and no I never had a summer hoo

Anonymous said...

every shot, every moment- wonderful.