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Maxim Gorky

Friday, August 17, 2012

Local food, fun and farms...

In rethinking how we shop and where we get our food these days,
I thought I would share this link with you.
If you're in our area on September 30th, which is a Sunday,
come on down to this fun event...
The proceeds go to protect farmland and the event is guaranteed
to be a hoot!
Chefs must go through an obstacle course to 'condiment island'
where they will hunt and forage for tasty morsels
to create a culinary extravaganza...all on camping cookers!
Fun for adults, events for kids and a great
venue to hang out at (Madrona Farm) in Victoria.
here's a little video to give you a 'taste'...
Tickets include tasty treats as well!!!


the wild magnolia said...


farmlady said...

Another good reason to be a "local". Looks like fun.
Local food is the best food.

Mary said...

That sounds like such fabulous and delectable fun. Perhaps if we lived a little closer? :)

Suz said...

Oh you know I'd be there
but it's a bit of a walk from Illinois....
and I have to wash my hair anyway
have a good time