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Maxim Gorky

Friday, January 25, 2013

Song for Friday...for the young and old

Lady Gaga has been in the spotlight for quite some time now and frankly
I didn't get her. My niece was crazy over her and has seen her twice now
at extremely high ticket prices.
Then one night I was channel surfing on t.v and there she was
with Tony Bennett. I was mesmerised.
She had me at the first snap of her fingers.
I'm not saying that I'm a big fan now but let's just say
my views on her as a singer changed when I watched this duet.
Shes got a fantastic voice for this genre of singing.
Something old
Something new
Something borrowed ... and yes!
Something BLUE!
Have a great weekend all!


Suz said...

oh I agree...I saw that duet
it was pure magic
...but she is ...

Stone Angel said...

Great video. Tony B. is such an amazing "old Dude". I love his duets with KD Lang too! Thanks for alerting us to this. Gaga is amazing too.

farmlady said...

This is a GREAT rendition of this song. I LOVE IT!
They should do an album together.

Lady Gaga is really good!
Love her little changes in the lyrics... very creative... and she has a great voice.
Made me laugh... It's a feel good song.

Cobalt Violet said...

Apparently she played piano and sang in a jazz club for a while. Her Christmas special a year ago was pretty impressive and Tony guested on that too. She's pretty dang talented.