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"Happiness always looks small when you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and at once you learn how big and precious it is."
Maxim Gorky

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Eyes wide open...

I'm always on the look out on my walks with Griffin, for what, I'm never quite sure.
Last week was full of pleasant surprises several days in a row.
One day I found this beautiful brown velvet fungus on the forest floor...
 They're quite tough to pull off a tree so either someone pulled it off or it was
knocked off somehow.
 It's hard to see how soft the dark side is the photo but I thought
I might take a lino cutter to it and carve out a design into the velvety surface...
Later that same day on my afternoon walk I found this...
Yes that would be a wild rabbit tail.
I've found several of these throughout the years and I'm never quite sure
what to think. There is no sign of blood or a struggle.
It's just as if it's fallen off for no reason.
To my knowledge, bunnies don't shed their tails.
Any ideas?
A few days later I went down to the beach and it was such a beautiful
spring day that I ended up walking for a few hours, scouring
the shore like a proper mud lark looking for treasures.
About 10 minutes into my walk I found this...
An expertly carved arrow head.
Worn from the decades of wind and water and rocky shore.
I've found several on this beach in the past and
it's such a thrill. The light was just right and
there it was, just sitting there on top of the stones.
The beach was a popular spot for the natives to make these
long ago. There's always evidence of the flakes (bits of stone chipped away in the making
of arrow heads) and once in a while, the storms and the tides toss up one
of these beauties that was lost by who knows who many years ago.
Down into the mudflats, below the site of the old cannery, I found this...
After much research, I found this image on the web...
The same font of this company who was only in business from 1912 - 1915
so that was a pretty cool find.
Oh and an old marble and a piece of old glass...
Just some of those things that I wish could whisper their tales
to me if I put my ear close enough.


Stone Angel said...

Don't know which kinds of your posts are my favorite - the ones like this one of your fabulous finds or the ones that show off your fabulous talents - both needle felting and the wet felting. Just keep up posting both kinds and I will be more than happy!!

Mary said...

What wonderful objects! So many stories of long ago i can conjure in my mind! :) The arrowhead is amazing.

As far as the rabbit tail, i've no idea what could have happened. I don't know much about bunnies except they're cute and i love 'em!

Suz said...

oh my goodness!
that is so cool
I found an arrowhead in the Fox river...and I know that feeling of discovery
Ilove looking for things on my walks....oh I am so thrilled for your finds...but the rabbit that has me puzzled

Nancy Kay said...

I found your post because of my own needle-felting hobby. I knit too. Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing some of your needle-felting projects.

I was in Vancouver one time many years ago when the city hosted the world's fair. Loved it!!! You live in beautiful country!!

The "finds" that you posted today are so cool. Wow. The arrowhead is really a great find. I live in Wyoming, and finding an arrowhead here is quite a prize too! It's fun to imagine the stories these found objects could tell!

farmlady said...

What a wonderful collection of found objects. I love arrowheads and this one looks quite old.
It's amazing what the sea washes onto the shore. Lucky you. Wish I had a beach to comb.
Maybe I will visit someday and we can walk together.

farmlady said...

Oh... and the rabbit tail is very strange. There must be a story behind that.

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Carol, thanks for such kind compliments!
Mary, Wouldn't you love to hear the stories?
Suz, I would love to see your arrowhead. It's such a magical moment when you come upon something so old.
Nancy Kay, Hello and welcome! Have you ever found an arrowhead in Wyoming? Such a huge State, where would you even begin to look!
Connie, of course, anytime you want, you're most welcome to come with me on a ramble!