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Maxim Gorky

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Swarm again!

Yesterday I was working in the studio and when Tom came home he asked me
to come outside for a minute...
See the bright green bushes there?
Look a little closer!
 That brown clump in the tree?
It's about 30,000 bees!
 Once in a while one of the hives has a swarm and here it is...
 8 pounds of bees.
 Quite harmless if you move slow.
They're only interested in what the queen is doing and staying with her.
Don't ask me which one she is!
She's probably hidden in the middle.
 So we called Bob the beekeeper and he came and shook them into a box with a lid
so he can relocate them into a new hive.
I've written about this amazing phenomenon before.
It hasn't happened for 2 years so it's always exciting to see.
You can read more about the swarm that came to my garden one day and Bob put his hand right inside the swarm!

1 comment:

Melody said...

Put his hand inside the swarm? Hmmmmm, not so sure about that! Fascinating though, bees. I saw a swarm in a tree last summer near my office ~ amazing how loud it is!