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Monday, August 5, 2013

Love is in the air!

This past weekend was crazy at the flower shop where I work two days a week.
Not 1, not 2, not even 3 but 7 weddings in 2 days!
There was a whole lot of flower and ribbon cutting going on.
Of course they were all quite lovely and you can have a look here at
another blog I write for the shop for more photos.
But one in particular was stunning.
I went to do a photo shoot of the flowers before the wedding on
location at Craidelonna , an amazing guest house on the coast
just up the road from Sooke.
Attention to detail is Ritchard, the caretaker's specialty!
The wedding was that of Michaela and Jose from California.
Her folks live on one of the Gulf Islands near here and Andrea (mom of the bride)
organized the flowers through us.
She was an absolute joy to work with.
Craidelonna sits above the ocean overlooking
the Straight of Juan de Fuca...
Let's head down to the set up...
The bride requested a wild flower country look for her bouquet and Karen's
 design work came through tremendously.
The colours were yellow, green and purple... 
Beautifully French tied with fabric and ribbon from the mother of the bride...
We also made up these two vintage style bird cages which were a big hit...
 Hydrangeas and lavender figured prominently in the table arrangements...
Each of the arrangements were of mixed flowers as long as they
 were in keeping with the colour scheme...
One of the fun elements for the reception was the addition of a vintage
typewriter for guests to leave a message for the bride and groom...the 'old fashioned' way.
We even made a corsage especially for it!
Here's a sneak peak of the ceremony area...
If you're a dog owner then you know that a four footed friend will be in attendance.
A friendly old lad who just wanted to be part of it all.
Unfortunately he did not want anything to do with wearing a boutonniere!
Since the groom and his folks were from Mexico,
the brides sister made these fun pinatas...
Also on hand to celebrate the south were these lovely
paper cut out banners from Mexico...
A few more shots for you and I'll say adieu for now...



Nancy Kay said...

7 weddings!!! Whew! All the flowers and the arrangements are so beautiful. What a lovely setting...and the color scheme is so perfect. It looks like LOVE!

Mairéad said...

What a venue for a wedding! The flowers are beautiful, perfectly in tune with the setting. Must be fun to work on a project like that - and a lot of hard work.