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Maxim Gorky

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Courage not forgotten...

Before we left Ontario we had a few more stops we had to make.
One was in Thunder Bay.
The Terry Fox Memorial.
For those who may not know who he is,
 Terry Fox was a young man who had cancer.
Although he had already lost his leg at 18 to this disease, while in remission he
decided to bring hope, awareness and fundraising to the cause by
attempting to run across Canada, 5,300 miles.
He began by dipping his foot in the Atlantic Ocean and ran everyday, 26 miles a day.
Sadly when he reached Thunder Bay, 3,300 miles later, the cancer had returned
and spread to his lungs and he had to
stop his 'Marathon of Hope'.
He died a year later at 23 years old.
It's a beautiful park overlooking the waters of Lake Superior and
even though it is above the Trans Canada highway
there's something very peaceful about the place.
To this day, all across the country, and indeed the world,
there are Terry Fox runs, memorials, schools named after him,
and most importantly the fundraising continues in his name.
It was a very emotional place to be and to know what
this young man had been through and that he had to give up his dream
in this very spot.
It gives you faith in humans doesn't it?

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Willow said...

Yes , truly it does.