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Maxim Gorky

Friday, October 11, 2013

Song for Friday...odd fellows...

I was a big fan of Edie Brickell when she first came out but she
kind of fell off the radar for a while.
She has been known also as Mrs Paul Simon and had
a brief appearance in "Born on the 4th of July"
as a folk singer in a coffee house.
Steve Martin on the other hand has been in the limelight
for quite some time...
 but who knew that these two
would become a duet and put out an album together?!
So here's a wee taste of this odd couple but a great one...
enjoy...have a great weekend all!


Nancy Kay said...

Thanks for this Friday song! It's a treat to see the video. I have this album and LOVE it. They have a great sound!

Suz said...

oh that was great
I never knew SM was so musically inclined
I did enjoy his singing n the movie
with Goldie Hawn....tura lura lura

farmlady said...

Well, I'll be darn. I had no idea that Steve Martin was musical. No idea at all. This was fun. I watched all the Letterman videos and other songs, the interviews of he and Edie Brickell... who I didn't know was married to Paul Simon and who I didn't remember in Born on the Forth of July (one of my all time favorite movies.)
Where have I been?
Sure is good music. Love her voice.
The songs made a good day better.