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Maxim Gorky

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Eat your heart out Monet...

I've stepped away from blog land a bit but really I'm not far away.
In fact, I'm just down the road...
I felt a need to share some of these photos with you on such a glorious summer day...
...this little slice of land with the obviously, long ago pruned fir trees,
was once home to several men.
The first being a man named Erik Sellers St Claire who owned this property since 1948
and called his paradise 'La Beaumelle'.
His wish was that after his partner William Simmons and long time friend and resident
Bren died, the land be donated as parkland.
It has been named after his long time companion William Simmons as
Erik wanted it to be.
The houses and pool, long since gone now, but we are so graciously left with
one of Erik's water lilies!
Years ago there was a dock for swimming but it has rotted away leaving
weathered wood, slowly sinking into the lake...
...this was my perilous bridge for picture taking!
To think that one person has left so much beauty in this world gives me faith in humanity...
 ...slowly naturalizing with white and yellow lilies on the other side of the old dock..
 ...a breathless moment everywhere you look...
 Thank you Erik, William and Bren for committing this random act of conservation...


Suz said...

I liked this story of these men
What a beautiful place
I hope it is appreciated by many who love nature
Who takes care of it?
You sure have some neat places to scout around
glad you posted these
We have white water lilies growing near us at a nature preserve....just beautiful
and the frogs love them

Nancy Kay said...

Wow. Your photos of the water lilies are GEMS. What a beautiful place.

acornmoon said...

Beautiful, you should sell prints.

Sue said...

Wow, I have always loved your pictures but these are spectacular!! Love the story, actually I love all of your stories! The one of the fable cottage made me cry,, I visited it years ago and always wondered what became of it!! Sue from Shakespeare Ontario!!

Lucinda Keller said...

Gorgeous Kerry!!!
Wow, those are some healthy beautiful waterlilies ...

Lucinda Keller said...

France post? :)