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Maxim Gorky

Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Georgia files...

Well it's been a crazy last couple of days with our Sweet Georgia.
Thursday, sometime during the night, Georgia's bad eye got worse
and ruptured even further beyond repair.
It was not a pretty sight at all but in true Georgia fashion,
she ate breakfast and continued to play and explore her little world.
I called the vet as soon as they opened at 8 and they took her in
straight away to have said eye removed.
There was nothing else could be done.
She has recovered so far with flying colours and continues to amaze us with her spirit!
As soon as she was home and awake but still groggy, she was wrestling
with her toys and wanting something to eat.
Even though I have my camera setting on sports mode, a kitten is not an easy subject to shoot!
The good news is that the vet thinks the remaining eye can probably be saved!
Although her vision in it remains to be seen...
She's still not the prettiest gal on the block but you just try to resist that joyful soul!
She has a little drainage tube which will come out after the weekend and has to wear
the dreaded cone when she's not supervised...which she managed to escape out of during the night 
using her Houdini super powers.
The technicians at the vet had to adapt one to make it small enough for her.
I'm calling it the 'Melita one cup cone of shame' 
since it's exactly the same size as those coffee filter holders!
In true kitten fashion she has 3 things on her agenda:
eat, sleep, play repeat...
So fingers, toes and paws crossed she continues on her road to recovery.
Thanks again to everyone who has helped and made this kittens life, well, a kittens life!
Will keep you updated as things progress but for now...time for a nap...
**Special thanks to Dr Debra Lambert and the staff at Sooke Veterinary clinic 
for taking such special care of our little mite.**


farmlady said...

This is such an ordeal for all of you... cat and humans. I admire your affection for this little kitten that is so in need. You have reached that "higher ground" that I always think humans have forgotten. Thank you for caring so much. May little Georgia recover from the operation and thrive in all your love.

Kerry O'Gorman said...

I sure hope she keeps thriving and gets some vision from the other eye. Tom and I want to see a button on her scar! Not really but might be a good photo shop project! Cheers Connie. I believe, through your blog posts, that you have also arrived on higher ground. Thankyou for thinking of us.

Limner said...

Georgia is on my mind. Thanks for having such a big heart that has enough room for this bundle of love.

Thanks, too, for the update.

Be well.

Mary said...

Aw, what a sweet, courageous girl. I'm so glad she has you. Many hugs for you and Georgia!