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Maxim Gorky

Monday, July 27, 2015

Honey I shrunk the trailer...part 2

Here's a soundtrack for this post to get you going...
As promised, here is the continuing story of my summer project with Stephanie.
Alright...glue out, scissors on hand, instructions laid we go!!
Like I mentioned, this model kit was so detailed and came with
so many tiny accessories that our minds were absolutely blown away...
...books, little pot on the stove, calender, sink taps, cutting board, knife, suitcase, basket...
 ...ok, see the tiny lemons on the cutting board? Yup we actually sliced them off of a little 
clay like roll and put them on the tiny little glasses (made from cut plastic tube) 
complete with crazy straws cut from red wire! Cheers!
The little dining nook we glued from many pieces, made the little cushions, candelabra, guitar, 
added the tea cups and one of my favourite pieces was the 
teeny weeny metal Eiffel Tower just like the bigger
version I bought in Paris!!
Probably the most challenging part, (which just about drove me off the edge!)
was the chandelier...yes you heard me right...THE CHANDELIER!
With working LED lights!!
Every bead and bauble strung onto the wires, glued and then hooked up to a little 
battery pack attached to the back of the trailer.
I told Stephanie that I was allowed one swear word a day while we worked on the project.
This was a two swear word day at least.
One day at the beach we found the perfect piece of wood to make a little deck for 
the patio furniture...
 Stephanie cut all of the tiny fabric triangles for the bunting which we strung between two chopsticks.
Love the awning and the flower boxes!
So there you have it... 
Stephanie and I are ready for our shrinking potion now!


Limner said...

Now I want one! I'd put it on display under a glass dome. You two are smart and patient and don't need instructions. :) Good job!

Katherine Dunn said...

Oh my!!!! I love this so much!