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Maxim Gorky

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Out and about in the big city...

Sunday and Monday I went to a Floral Design talk/show in Vancouver
with my boss and another co-worker.
It's a treat to take a trip back to a city where I lived for about 5 years.
I did some schooling there at BCIT for a horticulture program.
Admittedly it was a tough and lonely time for me living
there, trying to make a life,  single motherhood but of course
things all worked out as they should in the end.
I still enjoy getting a hit of the big city especially when you get to share it
with a few friends. We had SO much fun together and even got
a bit silly at times...that's what happens when the country mice visit the city!
Aside from the business end of things we did get to trip around the streets, 
went out for a great meal, saw some good, saw some bad, even saw 
some wildlife of the city kind...raccoons and skunks oh my!
One store I love to check out is called's the sister
store of Daiso, a Japanese discount store. Not quite a dollar store. 
A bit better quality in my opinion.
Picked up a few little bits and bobs like these great waterproof 
fabric buckets...
I'm always in need of storage in the studio and these will work out perfectly...
Since I love sending letter in the old fashioned way...stamps and all, I 
found a few things to make the envelopes more interesting...
Sometimes the translations are fun to read...useful AND cute!
I've been searching for thin black wire for several projects regarding my sculptures...sorted!
I also found this sweet little box of addition flash cards for kids but I bought it, again for
storage, but was pleasantly surprised at the illustrations...
...I mean who doesn't love 8 flying raccoons with scarves and flags?!...
Or 12 floating elephants?!!...
One other shop that I love is Saje.
They make the most beautifully packaged essential oil products.
The key word is the word 'essential'.
I find essential oils indeed ESSENTIAL to my health and well being.
Aromatherapy equals many things to me.
Well being, relaxation, sleep aid, you name it, it helps me deal with so many things.
I think Neroli, an oil from northern India is one of my favourites
so I picked up a bottle at Saje. It can be hard to find.
It's only 20% pure Neroli because of it's strength...
I also picked up a bottle of a combination scent called Yoga which
has such a calming effect.
Like I said...their packaging is so pretty...
that's about it for my big city report....till next time!

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Nancy Kay said...

So fun to be in the big city . . . and shop! Love all your "finds."