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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe...

Well, I'm not quite an old woman and I don't live in a shoe and I don't
have too many children that I don't know what to do but...
I do have a fern that keeps reproducing wee baby ferns ALL the time.
I've given so many away and have composted more than I care to admit.
I've written about this fern before so if you live somewhere where I can get them
to you or it's legal to mail them, let me know and I'll be glad to share the wealth.
So here I go again...saving these little offspring...reinventing things to do with them.
This is the Mother of all ferns.
Her common name is actually Mother Fern...
I got her about 5 years ago as one of 'those' babies.
A tiny little 2" scrawny orphan in a pot.
I was told to give her lots of water.
I did.
She grew very slowly for almost a year and then....bam!
All of a sudden she got bigger and bigger...kind of like a child does.
Now she has fronds about 3 feet in length and is the proud momma 
of a kazillion green miniatures of herself...
They grow on the ends of the fronds and you just gently pull them off to start new ones.
The other day I found a nice old mason jar.
A mason jar old enough that modern lids don't fit.
I love that it has the big word 'CANADA' embossed on the glass...
I don't think they make them anywhere near Canada anymore.
It also has the words 'Improved Gem' embossed above Canada...
I guess it was better than the even older ones.
So I picked up some pebbles from the beach, combined with some other
bits of beach glass and beach crockery bits...
Filled it with some filtered water and anchored the little ferns amongst the pebbles... time they'll root, I'll give some more away and dream up more ways to reinvent
this plant...kind of like sour dough don't you think?


Acornmoon said...

Strange that you should have a Mother fern. Years ago, (over 30 years ago), I bought a fern from a mail order catalogue. It was simply called Male Fern. It thrived and so I took a cutting with me when I moved house. It has many offspring and grows huge in pots, does very well in shady corners too. I have given about everyone I know a baby plant. It is not the same kind as yours but clearly needs no female to allow it to reproduce.

Nancy Kay said...

Yes, that does look like the mother of all ferns! Wow. She's a beauty.

Limner said...

She's lovely! Her foliage reminds me of carrot tops. I've never seen such a fern. I've never successfully grown one indoors, but my asparagus fern has flourished for three years now. It pretty much takes care of itself except for the rain water I provide between rains.

I just read Acornmoon's comment. I had no idea there were Mother Ferns. Or Father Ferns! My Asparagus Fern grows in a clay pot also. It lives against the fence and beneath the willow. Live and learn. :)

Jacquie said...

I love ferns. My last lush fern bit the dust a few months ago. I have to wait until our house sells and we're firmly ensconced somewhere before I restock. I love what you've done with the mason jars. What a great gift! I started some terrariums a few months ago that need restocking. I'm not a fan of succulents but when you gather them together in a bowl, it's like a tiny garden waiting for a fairy or two.

pamm5 said...

Hi Kerry, I used to have this fern and have wanted another for so long. They sure do reproduce beautifully! I live in Saanich and would love one of your babies. You can contact me at

Just discovered your site while looking at images of derelict buildings in Victoria. (I too love the Janion and Northern Junk buildings). I'm blown away by your needle felting!! Will be spending quite some time exploring all the interesting things on your site.