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Maxim Gorky

Monday, December 11, 2017

Deer Mother...

When I made my reindeer I knew that the females were the ones who kept their antlers in the winter.
So I gave her a feminine Sami name meaning 'quiet,' to honour the majestic and powerful and all being magical creatures we associate the winter season with.
Introducing Jaska...
After blog hopping this morning I found the most interesting post by Gather a local Victoria
blog produced by two women who clearly know how to research and put out a gorgeous blog.
They are truly passionate about which they write about! 
I urge you to check out there interesting and
many tasty recipes made from local, wild crafted ingredients!
So I found this enlightening post all about the Deer Mother in legend, folklore and history...
So grab a mug of tea and spend the time to have a look through the beautiful images
and learn all about this engaging tale of the Deer Mother.
I guess it explains a lot on a former sculpture I made...Finns Nordic dream...
I had no idea about all of the folklore regarding birds in the antlers and such!
(this sculpture is sold)

(p.s...Jaska is now available in my etsy shop here


gz said...

beautiful work xx

farmlady said...

You are so good at this. I'm in awe.