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Maxim Gorky

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Travellin' felter...

I was in the Sally Ann the other day and found this sweet little, vintage sewing box.

I looked at it a few times and then I thought...that would be perfect for portable needle felting!..

I do use a big vintage suitcase for most of my roving....
...but this one would be great for overnighters and long road trips. It is about 8 X 8 square and fits just enough stuff to keep me going on a project. Tom and I went to Vancouver for a few days to see a concert and I had this idea for my next sculpture running around in my head and REALLY wanted to get going on it...With ferry lineups and the hour and a half trip across, I had time to work on Mr Finn O'Malley...
Oh look! There he is!

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Anonymous said...

Recently I had a rumble around my wife's Aunties attic....she must have a suitcase from each decade since the thirties....never to be thrown away..."You'd never know when someone would need a suitcase"..she said.