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Maxim Gorky

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Today on the way home from the village, I stopped at the mailbox and was surprised to see a little package for me from my old neighbours. Sandy, Humphrey, Boo and Tai used to live across the road from us but moved for Humphreys job a few years back. They now live at least a day and a ferry ride away so we've only seen each other a few times since then. I miss the girls a lot...going for tea and dog walks, trips to the city, Chinatown, swimming at the lake and hanging out with the horses when my nieces would come in the summer. They were good nieghbours...the kind you could call on for anything. Anyway ...the package...

First of all it was covered in wonderful stamps!
And inside were lots of little goodies...

Now I must tell you about Boo. She is 13 now and ever since I met her at age 8, she has always been so creative. I used to call her the Master of Ceremonies because of her pomp and circumstance when it came to ANY celebration. Out would come the mixing bowls, the icing, the flowers and the gifts. Her and her little sister Tai would make the most amazing little parties for us and they really loved doing it just for the sake of doing it! So now Boo is making all this miniature stuff and in this little box was the most incredible little bridal!

Her attention to detail is beyond words and even her little tags are a gift...

She is on her way to becoming an expert crafter and will go far in her extraordinary abilities to create.
I think she should start her own etsy shop so if anyone needs miniature horsey stuff let me know .

Here's the lovely card she made...

They never forget to add some yummy chocolate (free trade of course!). These were half eaten before I finished unpacking! I think I've caught a bit of a buzz from them too!

...and some of Sandy's magic potion to help with Griffin's bad shoulder.
It's people like this who keep my world turning and who will be close to me no matter how far away they live.

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