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Maxim Gorky

Monday, February 22, 2010

From across the miles....

When I mention to people that I keep a blog, some ask "why?" while others ask "where do you find the time?" The reason for 'why' is's my own journal, a place to keep thoughts and stories and the pictures which sometimes accompany them. The 'time' question is sometimes an issue but quite often it's my down time with a cup of tea and thoughts fresh in my mind. I suppose its more constructive than just surfing the net...although I do a bit of that too.
Since I've been on this blog ride, I have sometimes caught my breath at how many kindred spirits I have out there. I will look at some photos of someones farm and think..."I would like to visit there". Or going along on ones virtual tour of their day out on the town and again I think..."That looks like a great little cafe to sit with a freind".
Its a great feeling to know that there are like-minded people in this huge world and that I can somehow connect with a few of them through the technology at hand even though they are miles and miles away.
Last night was one of the more meaningful connections I've made and I am still on cloud nine about the whole thing.
I follow a Cork man's blog and we have left comments regularly on each others posts. One such post I wrote was about my Irish roots and the ever increasing search for more information about them. Paudie offered to go for an adventure some day to try to find some of my ancestors gravesites back in Ireland. It turned out after he had read my post, he realized how close in proximity they lived to this tiny village near Limerick and lo and behold, last night I received the most amazing link to the post he did on finally finding these headstones!
I can't tell you how much it meant for me and my da to see the photos and to hear of his family's adventure...truth be told I am still quite emotional about it. It has taken a long time to find this information. Unfortunately my da and I didn't have it before our pilgrimage to Ireland but it has fueled the fire for the next visit.
I am still working on the Lietch branch of the family which is much more muddled than the Quilty side but I have faith that books and records will be dusted off and mysteries revealed one out Paudie..I may send you on another wild goose chase!

So cheers to all of you who don't think this blogging is a big waste of time! Have a look at Paudie's post and count yourselves lucky to have these grand connections.
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Anonymous said...

Thank you Kerry for the lovely comments and the link. I have never had so many people visiting as I have had today. It's nice to know that people still care about the important things in life like family, roots, friendship...
Keep up the search for your family and I will be only delighted to help you along in your quest...
Is mise

myletterstoemily said...

what a wonderful connection to have

farmlady said...

I found an old friend through my blogging habit. We knew each other when we were little girls and in our early teens she moved away. We lost touch for 50 years and by an odd coinsidence she read a comment that I left on another blog about how phone #'s use to have letters in them. She made the connection and we found each other.
Family and friends are the cornerstones of our lives and blogging can be a bridge to these connections.

Ann Marie said...

oh how i love this!!! i too have strong irish roots. wonder what connections we might have...