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Maxim Gorky

Friday, February 5, 2010

Song for Friday....the kiddies might like this one...

I was never really much of a Bruce Springsteen fan but chummed around with someone who was a FANATICAL FAN. There were the stories about the 3 hour performances and how Bruce would practically melt down into a pool of sweat by the time he was done his show. This was probably 30 years ago when he was much younger, of course, but I've heard that his shows are still pretty amazing. I have a few favorites that I like to hear once in a while but none of his songs caught me like this one. It is a mellow and somewhat off the track of the blue collar worker anthems he is famous for and it has stuck with me since the first time I heard it. The song came off of his second album in 1973, 'The wild, the innocent and the E Street shuffle' (a great title as well). I always had visions of what this song would 'look' like but I've never been able to find anything to reflect the feel of the computer to the rescue! After reading 'Water for Elephants', I became enthralled and pulled in by vintage circus photos and decided to put my own vision to the words...Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...may I draw your attention to the centre ring...sit back and enjoy...Wild Billy's Circus Story!

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this collage of photos and Bruces music. VERY CREATIVE! Good job. Toni (friend of Myrna's at More than Heirlooms). I'm adding your blog to my favorite ones to look at!