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Maxim Gorky

Monday, April 19, 2010

Public art...

One of the great things in big cities is public art.
Art that is put out there for free.
For all to enjoy, critique, lean against.

In the heart of the financial district, where the buildings are usually blocking out the sun...
 ...there is a field of cows.
Big, bronze cows...
This area is called 'The Pasture' and was created by artist Joe Fafard.
Each cow weighs 544 kgs...
It was designed to calm the crazy world of high finance.
Some public art is mobile...
 This strange, crawling thing is taken down to the desert in Nevada for the Burning Man Festival...
A sculptured Canada Geese flock takes flight against the backdrop of the massive glass ceiling in the Eaton's Center.
Here, in front of one of the public libraries on Queen street, sits an owl with a 12 foot wingspan, reminding me of Harry Potter stories.

Of course who could walk downtown without bearing witness to the talent of graffiti artists...
...or the chaotic randomness of this building which seems to have things added to it weekly.
I'm not sure what this building contains but I would tend to lock my windows if I lived there!

So cheers to the people who give us all of these great images to come across when we need something else to look at besides the concrete and glass.

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