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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Some much needed company...

While I was away, Tom decided to put some eggs in the incubator to increase our laying stock.
Of course its nicer when a hen goes broody but he thought he would get a head start on things.
Unfortunately, halfway through, the power was out for 6 hours. Constant heat is essential to proper incubation and we feared that was the end of that.
...this little one survived and hatched!
We made her (hopefully!) a little nest in a box, with a heat lamp and a fuzzy surogate mom to nuzzle up against...
I know, I know, its a duck but it was the closest thing I had that was soft and had a wing she could crawl under.
Note to self: buy a feather duster for future orphans.
Then this morning, Tom found out that there was a poultry swap about an hours drive away, and decided to go and see what he could find...
So the family has now extended from 1 to 6...the lone chick was evidently quite thrilled with the added featherage in close proximity!
I can't wait to see what the little brown striped one will look like!
They are all supposed to be hens as well so lets hope they turn out to be good layers and maybe one or two will go broody themselves one day.

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