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Maxim Gorky

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Movie review...

 Coco Chanel.

 Last night I watched "Coco Avant Chanel".
I am not a fashionista and really didn't know much about Coco Chanel except that she was a clothing/hat designer and has perfume named after her.
The fact was, that she was fiercely independent, had a sense of style like no one else at the time and knew exactly what she wanted to do.
The movie stars Audrey Tautou (she also starred in "Amelie")
who is absoloutely elegant as Coco. 

The movie is beautifully set in France, the colours and lighting are enchanting.
The costumes..... fantastique!

So if you haven't had a chance to see it yet, I highly recommend this story of one of the strongest and most influential women in the fashion industry.

 I leave you with a few quotes from Ms Chanel....

“Fashion passes, style remains.”

 “Nature gives you your face at twenty. Life shapes your face at thirty. But the face you have at fifty is the face you have earned.”


myletterstoemily said...

my daughter and i enjoyed that immensely.
you captured the heart of the story so well.

i am not a fashionista either, but i can sure
appreciate an artist!t

Tatersmama said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I'm planning on a quiet afternoon browsing through, so this will definitely be on my list!

Sherry O'Keefe said...

i rarely watch tv or movies (not because i don't like them, but because of my attention span), but some months ago i came across this movie on tv. spellbounding! and i didn't know the actress was the same as amelie (a fav of mine from way back).

this movie is one i'd love to own for all the reasons you stated in your post. (and once again,i enjoy our common interests and connections!)

Cobalt Violet said...

I saw that movie and now have 4 striped shirts!
Love your new banner! (I have been gone for a while, huh?) I love movies but my friends get annoyed because I am so picky!!!

Nice to see you again!