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Maxim Gorky

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thoughts on foxes and a movie review...

There's something about foxes that I love.
Maybe it's those lovely black stockings they have...
perhaps it's the slyness of their character...
those little perky ears and gorgeous copper eyes...
The fact that we don't have them here may be of some appeal.
No need to worry about them in the hen house.
I suppose the image of a fluffy, black tipped fox tale, bouncing through the countryside can be part of the romance..although the only time I have seen one was, unfortunately, dead on an Irish motorway.
I've even needle felted them to get a closer feel..
Given them a friend to hang out with...
Loved the movie 'The Fantastic Mr Fox'.
I have just ordered this precious necklace from on etsy...
It reminded me of the door knocker on my great grandmothers house...hmmm...maybe that's where it all began...? I loved walking up to her door and lifting the heavy fox head, letting it's dark patina weight knock down on the door, announcing our visit.
So when I saw this movie that my nieces had picked out for their sleepover, I was intrigued.
It's the most beautifully filmed movie about a young girl, who's backyard is the hills, woods, creeks and mountains. Her obsession?
Wild foxes.
Some parts of the film can be a bit difficult for the young and weak at heart, BUT it is rated for general audiences and has some valuable lessons.
The scenery is breath taking.
Like I said, it is rated general and a lovely tale for young and old.
So here's to those gorgeous red heads.


Sherry O'Keefe said...

in my family, when a baby is born with the promise of red hair, we are all thrilled. my mom thought the red hair was dying out when none of her six grandkids were born with any such promise. but guess what, my daughter was late to that promise. such good luck, eh.

i've made a note to add this movie to my netflix!

Cobalt Violet said...

Thank you for the tip! I am going to have to rent that with my nephew.

I love foxes too and still have never seen one! This of course adding to the mystique! LOVE your fox with the bunny on his back!!!